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India vs South Africa: The Proteas Endorse Liberty Series Via Heritage, Cricket

South Africa will be participating in India in a prolonged sequence, named the Liberty Series, from January 5.

India’s tour of South Africa generally has some thoughts left to reply, as India have invariably struggled there. But at the identical time, the two nations share some major history, suitable from the times of British Raj in India and Apartheid in South Africa. The widespread thread of the history shared by the two countries has been built into fairly a elegant advertising video. “The Liberty Series is the Exam sequence concerning South Africa and India. It honours both nations take a look at of character to realize freedom via nonviolence, and their mutual love of cricket. It also recognises the truth that India was the to start with country to welcome back South Africa just after readmission to worldwide cricket,” claims the caption of the video on YouTube, posted by ProteasCricket.

The sequence concerning India and South Africa has been named the Liberty Series to mark the two nations’ freedom struggles and the widespread love for cricket.

mohammad azharuddin clive rice afp
Mohammad Azharuddin and Clive Rice trade greetings. Photograph Credit rating: Youtube

India was the to start with workforce to tour South Africa in 1992, just after South Africa was in-inducted into worldwide cricket just after the conclude of Apartheid period. That sequence was known as the Friendship Series. Mohammad Azharuddin was India captain while South Africa had been led by Clive Rice.

India played four Exams and seven A person-working day Internationals. The hosts received the Exam sequence one- and had been runaway 5-two winners in the ODI sequence.

However, the ‘Friendship’ section was severely examined for the duration of the 2nd ODI at Port Elizabeth when South African batsman Peter Kirsten refused to acquire heed of a number of warnings from bowler Kapil Dev about not using a prolonged start off from the non-striker’s crease.

Inevitably, Kapil ran Kirsten out while coming in to bowl, which led to a reasonable quantity of negative blood concerning the two sides.

The Indians even went on to condition that Kepler Wessels, who was batting at that time, had strike Kapil Dev on his shin while using a operate. However, no motion was taken as the video of the episode went missing.

South Africa had built their to start with tour of India ahead of the Friendship Series, in November of 1991, when they played three A person-working day Internationals, at Eden Gardens, Kolkata, the Captain Roop Singh Stadium in Gwalior and then at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi. India had received the sequence two-one.