Occur join us for Bunny Chow in South Africa! Bunny Chow is a well known South African rapidly foods that originated from the town of Durban where by there is a massive Indian inhabitants. It is generally a hollowed out loaf of bread crammed with curry that can be everything from vegetarian to rooster to lamb. It is special South African Indian foods that is properly really worth striving if you’re visiting Durban or an additional town in South Africa.

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Bunny Chow Curry Assessment – Taking in South African Indian Foodstuff in Cape Town, South Africa Journey Foodstuff Video Transcript:

Alright fellas, it is time for an additional foods video from Cape Town. Today we are at the Jap Foodstuff Bazaar. I apologize if it is a very little bit loud in this article. The new music is just like blasting. But anyhow, we are going to introduce you to a dish named Bunny Chow. And we to start with experienced Bunny Chow when we arrived to South Africa about two many years back on safari. It is truly a curry so it is a hollowed out loaf of bread stuffed with curry and this is a dish that truly originated in Durban where by there is a massive Indian inhabitants.

So yeah, I imagine it is time to dig in shall we?

So Sam is going to do the honors. To start with up. Yeah, so to start with up I am owning the rooster bunny chow and right before I have that I’ll place out that the one you bought is vegetarian and there was also lamb on the menu. So yeah, a lot of selections.

Heaps of selections and just glance at how huge this is. This is my hand. It is seriously like 50 percent a loaf of bread. Proper there.

So I am just going to dig correct in. I am going to check out and get. Oh, wow glance at that.

Awesome huge piece of rooster. I am going to check out and get a very little bit of bread and check out to get a bit of rooster. Need to that piece of rooster is so huge I imagine I am just going to go for some sauce.

Oh la lah.

Oh, that is nice. Yeah? Oh yeah? It smells so very good. I can smell the curry. That is a superb curry. It is abundant it is a very little bit spicy but not overpoweringly spicy and it sort of reminds me a bit of a masala. Of a masala curry. It has just sort of bought that abundant tomato base. Yeah. Oh my gosh that is very good. I am going in for a second bite.

You know it is very good when I go in for spherical two. And I did get a very little bit of bread from the side as properly. Amazing.


Oh yeah. That is so very good. Loving the bunny chow. And how generally do we get to have a meal inside of a bread basket? I know. It is so great. It is so great. Search, I am ripping off a piece of bread.


This is great.

It is now my transform so I bought the vegetarian bunny chow. And in this article is the bread that was hollowed out from inside the loaf. So I am going to use this for dipping.

So in this article we go. I really should point out if you evaluate yours is much more of a brown color.

Whilst mine is orange. So yours really should style distinct.

That is very good. How is that? It is very good. Woah. I am spraying just about everywhere.

We have bought some lentils, potatoes, eco-friendly beans. Not lentils. I indicate peas.

It burns in the throat. Yours is certainly spicier than mine. Mine is spicy but just sort of mildly spicy.

This is such a pleasurable meal as properly. Like glance at this. I have a tower of bread on my plate. Like how generally do you try to eat out of a tower of bread?

Not extremely. Mmmm.

That is very good.

Oh, I really should point out it comes with like a coleslaw sort of salad on the side. You are going to check out that?

I’ve bought the rooster and I’ve bought the bread. Bunny chow!

Bunny chow in Cape Town, South Africa. Mmmm.

So yeah, anyhow relocating on to cost place. So that arrived to ninety Rand in overall. The vegetarian one was forty while the rooster one was fifty. So you’re speaking what was it $six dollars and a little something?

Yeah, $six.60. Six dollars and sixty cents so outstanding value and the matter I seriously like about this specific put is that it is a extremely neighborhood place. You can see that there is a good deal of locals having in this article.

I indicate certainly there is travelers as properly but the costs reflect you know a good cost for a neighborhood as properly. Yeah, and you can obtain it in Cape Town but your best bet is going to be the town of Durban. Durban.

So yeah anyhow signing out from Cape Town, South Africa.

This is portion of our Journey in South Africa video series showcasing South African foods, South African society and South African cuisine.