Is Israel an “apartheid state,” as its enemies assert? Who far better to respond to that charge than a Black South African who lived by way of apartheid? Kenneth Meshoe, a member of the South African parliament, matches that bill. He examines the evidence against Israel and attracts a persuasive conclusion.
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There is widespread allegation — actually a slander — that Israel is an apartheid state.

That notion is simply just erroneous.

It is inaccurate and it is malicious.

And it will not help to promote peace and harmony in the Center East. Its only intent is to demonize Israel, and to isolate her in an attempt to de-legitimize Israel’s existence.

And simply because it is so inaccurate, it betrays the memory of those people who endured by way of a genuine apartheid.

As a black South African, who was born less than apartheid, in the administrative capital of South Africa, Pretoria, I know what apartheid is. I’ve seasoned it. My moms and dads seasoned it.

But acquiring been to Israel on a amount of events, I know that nothing is occurring in that region — that I have either noticed or read through — that can be when compared to apartheid in South Africa.

Let us recall the big cause Nelson Mandela went to jail — why he was included with the armed battle. He was preventing for the appropriate to vote, for the appropriate to pick out the leaders who one particular believes in, for the appropriate to go and vacation freely, to dwell where ever one particular desires, to be educated, and to be admitted to the healthcare facility or health care facility of your alternative.

All these things Mandela fought for simply because black folks under no circumstances relished any of them in their quite very own region. For instance, when I had to see a white medical doctor — a white medical doctor who was prepared to have black individuals — I would have go to a back again place, a specifically segregated place wherever black individuals of white health professionals went who could under no circumstances enter by way of the exact doorway that was made use of by white folks.

Now review that to Israel. A few many years in the past, a black pastor close friend of mine went to Israel wherever he had an incident and had to be hospitalized. When he came back again to South Africa, he explained to as a lot of folks as he could, that the folks who are speaking about apartheid in Israel are speaking nonsense.

“When I was in that healthcare facility in Israel,” he tells folks, “on my appropriate was sleeping a Jew and on my left was a Palestinian Muslim and in in between that Palestinian Muslim and that Jew was this black South African.”

In personal, the Palestinians he was with in the healthcare facility explained to him, “This ‘Israel-is-an-apartheid-state’ matter is what politicians are declaring. It is not what we are suffering from on the ground.”

We all want to acknowledge that those people who say that what is occurring in Israel is like apartheid South Africa are reducing the suffering that black South Africans endured. They are taking the sting out of the soreness that we endured in South Africa. If South African apartheid was what folks are viewing in Israel, there would under no circumstances have been any want for an armed battle. There would under no circumstances have been any want for a Nelson Mandela to go to jail simply because he would have all the legal rights Arabs in Israel have.

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