Pigeon Shooting & Dove hunting Holidays South Africa 2 half & 5 full days £1050 all-inclusive March & April 2018

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Fantastic Rock Pigeon Shooting, flighting to and from sunflower stubble fields in South Africa,
It’s hard enough without the drizzle and wind great fun trying to shoot Pigeon thought.

2 half & 5 full days @ £1050 all-inclusive
High-volume pigeon shooting in South Africa.
Late February March and April are the best months for high-volume pigeon and of hunting.
We start shooting at 7 AM in the morning and finish at 9:30 AM in the morning for the first flight of pigeons, you can expect a fire 300 to 500 cartridges on the morning pigeon flight line.
We will pack up and head back to the lodge for approximately 10 AM for breakfast and refreshments.
We will head back out to the feeding fields for the late morning and afternoon flight of pigeons at approximately 11 AM
your finished shooting at about 4 PM and you can expect fire 250 to 600 cartridges in the late morning and afternoon flight.
Will then head back to the lodge for refreshments and an evening meal.
The food is home-cooked the rooms are warm cleaned with ensuite showers.
The staff are friendly and will accommodate you in any way they can.
We guarantee the pigeon guides will always do their best to put you in the right position whether you wish to shoot very sporting birds on a flight line or decoying pigeons on a magnet.
The forthcoming season 2018 is my 18th season operating in South Africa.
Single hunters welcome.
Maximum group size for pigeon shooting and accommodation 10 hunters