Located about forty km northwest of Pretoria, Tswaing is a 1946 hectare conservation location that is property to a meteorite impact crater and surrounding wetland, as nicely as the stays of an previous salt manufacturing unit. Tswaing, which indicates “place of salt” in Setswana, is the internet site the place a meteorite half a football subject in measurement slammed into the Earth 220 000 several years back, forming a crater 1.four km in diameter and 200m deep. This crater, formerly recognized as the Pretoria Saltpan (or Soutpan), is a person of about a hundred and seventy impact craters in the earth and a person of 4 recognized impact craters in South Africa. It is really a person of the invariable vacationer points of interest in South Africa.
The Tswaing Crater is surrounded by dense bush. Tswaing Lake, is 100m in diameter in the centre of the crater, and is loaded by rainwater and a spring. The lake at the time contained significant concentrations of salt and soda ash that had been mined for 44 several years until finally 1956. The stays of the manufacturing unit even now stand in the vicinity of the lake.Just east of the crater is the Soutpanspruit, which feeds a scarce wetland system that is property to video game, a big amount of chook species, more compact mammals this sort of as otters, genets, brown hyenas, civets and steenbok, reptiles and frogs.
If you might be searching for an unusual and intriguing working experience, then Tswaing Crater marks a definite ‘X’ on the Gauteng map. Guests to the crater can observe the seven.two km Tswaing Crater Trail, a person of 3 trails that lead to and from the crater rim. Various sites of curiosity are nicely marked alongside the trail. Be aware that it can get extremely scorching right here throughout the summertime, so if you approach to observe the trail choose alongside loads of h2o with you.