In this journey vlog we frequented Soweto, a township near Johannesburg, South Africa. We arrived in Johannesburg new from a safari. We stayed in the Oasis Resort in Rivonia. We dropped our baggage and our way to Soweto. We toured the Mandela House, and noticed Tutu House in Vilakazi road. Soweto functions greatly in the history of South Africa.

Oasis Resort ( is a boutique lodge in Rivonia, South Africa. It is run by a family and is completely lovely. It is tastily adorned in antiques. Every of us had our possess rooms and my kids shared.

We had a tour of the Apartheid Museum and walked about Vilakazi Avenue in which we did some procuring.

Vilakazi Avenue dining establishments are really quite wonderful. We walked handed Sakhumuzi dining establishments in which it was quite occupied.

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