We observed this amazing demonstrate The Night time of Kukulkan at Sandos Caracol ECO Vacation resort. This god of the Mayan tradition is called upon by many names: Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, Kukulcan and several other people. The several and fascinating legends about this deity have built him an integral element of the history, magic and tradition of this area. In this efficiency, you are going to understand extra about the history behind the terrific and fearsome god Kukulcan, a hero, creator and chief in the spectacular myths and legends explained to by the historic civilizations in this element of the earth. So sit limited, and be completely ready to view this magic demonstrate!

Este dios de la cultura maya es conocido por varios nombres: Quetzalcoatl, la serpiente emplumada, Kukulcan y muchos mas. Sus leyendas son fascinantes e innumerables, y es parte integral de la historia, magia y cultura de esta area. En esta representacion, conoce un poco de la historia del gran y temeroso dios Kukulcan, un heroe, creador y lider en los espectaculares mitos y leyendas contados por las civilizaciones antiguas de esta parte del mundo.

Historical Maya God Kukulkan Quetzalcoatl Cancun Playa del Carmen Mexico

The Night time of Kukulkan Fire Exhibit at Sandos Caracol ECO Vacation resort Mayan God Quetzalcoatl Cancun Mexico