Punta Laguna Nature Reserve

Punta Laguna Nature Reserve sits tucked away in the jungle where Yucatan meets the state of Quintana Roo, found near the Gulf Coast. This is a Mayan village where roosters and pigs have right of way and houses still have thatched roofs.

Along with some four other villages, Punta Laguna is part of a 5000-hectare government protected nature reserve which is known in English as “House of the spider monkey and the jaguar.” The area is also home to howler monkeys, pumas, coatis and a variety of exotic birds.

Special guided tours will take you through some of the jungle trails and reveal a wealth of exotic plants and animals, as well as pre-Hispanic ruins which were believed to be built during 300 BC to 250 AD.

Before entering the jungle, visitors must participate in a traditional ceremony performed by a local Shaman in order to ask the jungle and the underworld lords for their benevolence and permission.

Once you are allowed to enter the jungle with your guide you will be able to take part in many different types of activities such as canoeing, zip lining and water hole rappelling.

A good pair of walking boots or trainers are required if you decide to go to Punta Laguna Nature Reserve. You should also plan on either packing a lunch beforehand or stopping along the way at Valladolid as there are no restaurants or shops here. It is also advised to carry with you plenty of water and sunscreen and if you want you can also bring a long a swimming costume if you decide to go water hole rappelling or want a refreshing dip in the lake.


Punta Laguna, Quintana Roo Nuevo Durango – Coba, Quintana Roo, Mexico


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