Dolphin Discovery

Dolphin Discovery is located in Puerto Aventuras, a tourism development specifically planned to show respect for nature. The park offers its visitors all the attractions and amenities of a small city in the middle of the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula jungle.

The Dolphin Discovery facilities are located in the center of the complex and were built inside a tropical green island with a lagoon, which is home to the dolphins. Not only can you swim with dolphins, but also you can even interact with manatees!

There are a number of programs to choose from such as Dolphin Royal Swim, Dolphin Swim Adventure, Dolphin Encounter and Sea Life Circle Manatees.

Dolphin Royal Swim is the most dynamic of them all, making it one of the most talked-about experiences at Dolphin Discover. The program includes an unforgettable “foot push” from the dolphins and you will be able to hold onto the dorsal fins of the dolphins whilst they pull you along. If you’re lucky you may even be able to get a kiss from a cheeky dolphin too!

The Dolphin Swim Adventure includes the famous “belly ride.” The ride consists of you holding on to the dolphin’s fins as he/she swims backwards. These beautiful animals will also give you a kiss, sing to you and say hello with their fins.

The Dolphin Encounter is especially designed for little ones and family holidays. Your family will be able to enjoy a number of safe and fun activities in the water. The program includes a fin handshake, a hug, a peck on the cheek and a special song from the dolphins themselves.

Last but not least, Sea Life Circle Manatees is a completely different activity available for tourists to the area. You will be able to stroke the gentle manatees and learn about their diet, cares and anatomy.


Dolphin Discovery, Quintana Roo, Mexico


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