The Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba, also acknowledged as the Excellent Mosque of Córdoba is positioned in the Spanish area of Andalusia. The framework is regarded as one particular of the most accomplished monuments of Moorish architecture. In 784 Abd al-Rahman I ordered construction of the Excellent Mosque, which was noticeably expanded by afterwards Muslim rulers. Córdoba returned to Christian rule in 1236 all through the Reconquista, and the making was converted to a Roman Catholic church, culminating in the insertion of a Renaissance cathedral nave in the sixteenth century.

Given that the early 2000s, Spanish Muslims have lobbied the Roman Catholic Church to permit them to pray in the cathedral. This Muslim campaign has been rejected on numerous situations, equally by the church authorities in Spain and by the Vatican.
The Mosque of Cordoba (Urdu: مسجد قرطبہ‎. Masjid-e Qurtaba) is an 8-stanza Urdu poem by Muhammad Iqbal, penned circa 1932 and posted in his 1935/6 selection Bāl-e Jibrīl (‘The Wing of Gabriel’). It has been explained as “one particular of his most popular items” and a “masterpiece”.