Subsequent my preceding video clip, which took a closer seem at the Caliph Al-Ma’mun’s so-referred to as forced entry into the Good Pyramid in the 9th century several will have discovered a curiosity that requirements further more focus, that of a most likely, undiscovered vertical shaft at the junction concerning the descending and ascending corridors of the Good Pyramid.

It all centres on what are referred to as the Demo Passages, situated just 87 metres to the east of the Good Pyramid and north of the causeway. When they have been to start with examined by Howard Vyse and John Perring in the 1840s, they have been thought to be passages from an abandoned, long-forgotten pyramid or tomb, maybe the underground passages of a fourth subsidiary pyramid of the Good Pyramid, but this surely isn’t the circumstance.

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While it incorporates my very own ideas, this video clip is also dependent on the research of Mark Foster who wrote the pursuing short article: