For Karl’s vacation to Egypt, Ricky and Stephen imagine it really is time for him to expertise budget journey by flying financial system and being in the seediest of inns, about which Karl is not as well happy. Karl’s initial encounters wandering the streets of Cairo can make him surprise how any individual will get anything carried out, as he is bombarded by road hawkers at each and every switch. Not like his other travels, Karl ends up touring pretty much promptly by way of camel-back again to see the main site, the Great Pyramids, because of to their near proximity, which ends up being underwhelming if only due to the fact of the weather conditions. As he waits for the weather conditions to obvious to make a further attempt to see the Pyramids, Karl is furnished a guidebook, Achmed, who offers him a lesson in bartering, and requires him to the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, in which Karl has no desire. So Karl ditches his guidebook to discover some ease and comfort meals, which ends up also being an expertise to which he is unaccustomed. Stephen and Ricky then send him on a Nile cruise, which does not elevate his spirits further than accomplishing a little something just to piss off Ricky. They also send him to stop by a couple named Andrew and Seija, who offer an option look at of the Pyramids. Karl then revisits the Pyramids, which he will not imagine excellent if only due to the fact they’re previous (until they are the oldest things on Earth).